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I had to endure rude voice mails and text messaging from Simeon... obviously customer service was not included in his training.

My vehicle was NOT picked up on the scheduled pick up day. I had taken the day off and Suncoast did not even provide me the courtesy of calling to tell me the vehicle was not going to be picked up.

My receipt states I would pay a $250 deposit, but they charged me $300. Upon attempting to dispute this with the Better Business Bureau, they still would not own up to that and refused to credit back the $50.

They have a money back guarantee that states if your vehicle is not picked up as scheduled, the deposit will be refunded... yeah, they don't honor that guarantee, either.

This company is deceitful and dishonest. DO NOT do business with them.

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The total amount contracted for was not changed, the total amount stayed the same and customer just payed $50 less on the cod amount.Money back guarantee is if the car isn't transported not if the carrier ran a day late for pick up.

Vehicle has been transported as contracted. As stated on the contract and dispatch notice, the times may be estimated until the carrier gets close as they have to deal with traffic, bad weather, back ups at weigh stations or other pick up and deliveries. Which is something this customer clearly does not understand.

To clarify some things anyone can try and call here and you will see that the phones get answered. Call when business hours are closed and you would need to leave a message so we know you are calling and we can call you back once we are open again.

People have to understanding something, we are a broker and in this industry this means that we have access to every car hauler in the united states, are we responsible for every car hauler out there?

definitely not. Is it up to us as the broker to pick the company for the customer? absolutely not.

All we can do is present the carriers that are available on any given route and it is ABSOLUTELY THE CUSTOMERS DECISION ON WHO THEY CHOOSE TO ACCEPT TO CARRY THEIR VEHICLES. And this customer failed to understand any of this and has chosen to post negative reviews towards us.

And also understand that any of the thousands of brokers out there they...

All these claims of money lost are not true.To bad this site doesn't require proof so companies can defend themselves and instead just lets anyone rant as they will.

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